Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An adventure in only a few blocks


        My father decided this past weekend to start teaching me how to drive the older Ford truck and this was difficult because it was so different from my vehicle I normally drive. Most of the corners I turned I lost the gas pedal and slowly died around corners. Trying to adjust to the height and the wide turning radius was a challenge. My father was teasing me about my poor parking ability when I attempted to parallel parked and first parked in front of a person’s driveway and then parked far away from the curb. My father was teasing me saying, “Are we parking in the middle of the road now?” I told him “No, I don’t think so?” and then tried parking again. My father continued to tease me and told me to park before he fell asleep or he would take a nap and to wake him up when up when I was parked. After running, several errands I gave the keys to my father and had him drive home waiting to try driving the truck more for later. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

A lesson learned in reading ingredients!

11454297503_e27946e4ff_h   My father surprised me this past weekend with the treat of going to McDonald's to get a salad. I was so excited to be going out to eat with my father that I completely forgot about looking over the ingredients on their website. I went to McDonald's and got a chicken salad with Italian dressing only to regret this decision later. My father then surprised me by saying that he wanted to take me to the local thrift store to find a dress for the wedding reception I am going to soon. Well little, did I know how much pain I would be in after eating that salad.  I am still not sure what I ate that did not agree with me but I had horrible stomach pain afterwards. It was like someone punched me in the stomach and kept increasing the pain by putting my stomach through a washing machine. I was in intense pain but did not want to say anything to my father to upset him for the nice things he was doing. So I worked through the pain and went to the thrift store and found a dress. After coming home  I went directly to the bathroom sink which is where I thought I would not leave and then eating more papaya tablets than I could count I felt much better. After reading what I ate, I am beginning to wonder if it was not the anchovies in the Italian dressing. I don’t think I have ever eaten this before but whatever it was, I hope to find out before going through that awfulness again!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow and more snow!

  11454297503_e27946e4ff_h         I spent the weekend feeling as though I was running in circles trying to keep up with my father’s busy schedule. Besides working at his job my father does snowplowing on the side with a snowplow he made himself out of spare parts from things including a tractor. He spent 3 days straight snowplowing different places including plowing out the Church we attend several times for many hours at a time.  When he was not snow plowing he was at home sleeping and I was busy trying to keep the wood stove going while doing my mountain of homework. It was a long weekend and with all the snow plowing my father starting complaining of a major pain in the back of his head. He is better now but I know he was in a lot of pain because my father does not complain of pain because of how he was raised. All prayers would be greatly appreciated as I worry about all the work he has ahead in the next few weeks especially if it should snow again. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Adventure to Class

I knew it was going to be a long day when the school I do practicum in the morning canceled class because of the ice and it is the school that never closes for most any weather. So I left out of town early knowing I had a long drive, what I did not expect was the amount of challenge ahead. First, I knew I was sliding when I looked out my side mirror and could see the back end of my vehicle. I then crept my way towards collage which took me over an hour to make it there when it usually only takes me about 50 minutes. I also found that the storm was thick in places and not bad in others. When I first started it was terrible and when I reached the small town in the middle of my drive the fog was so thick I could barely drive and see where I going. Then there was a small clear patch before climbing the large hill towards Ladd Canyon which is famous for being a bad drive. This section of driving was not too bad except for the beginning of the pass which was another thick patch of fog. Once I reached towards my college, the storm was hardly noticeable as it was in the town I started in.  Just before I exited I saw on the other side of the highway many different type, kinds, sizes, years, makes, and models of semi trucks. I was immediately struck by how much we rely on semi trucks for supplies and how much they go through to get these supplies to us. I finally made it to class glad to have made it safely and to be off the slippery road for a while before attempting to make it back home. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How I am different than most young women my age.

sols_6 (1)By now, you all are probably trying to figure out how I am different than most young women my age well I am different because I REALLY don’t like shopping especially fitting rooms! This past week after spending over an hour in the doctor office my father than calls me to inform me that I really need to find more clothes for teaching. To which I respond with every reason why I don’t want to go but my father insisted. So I trudged along on the highway until I found my exit and then parked bracing myself for what was ahead. I then marched into the store going straight towards the clearance signs with the determination in my mind to find the cheapest clothes possible for new. So I began looking through things going through the usual problems of clothes not being modest enough or not working for my orthopedic braces. Once I was FINALLY able to find a few pieces that, I thought I might just stand to wear I, head to the most dreadful place in the whole store… the fitting room!

Once I reached the fitting room, I went through the usual routine for safety. First, I checked the mirror to make sure it was not a two-way mirror. After this, I checked the gap under the door to make sure someone could not put a mirror on a stick under the door and finally tried to find the larger fitting room so that I can at least attempt to try on the clothes without banging every joint into a wall. After this, I tried on the clothes facing the same problems before. I only one a few pairs of jeans for a reason because of how hard it is to try on anything when you have leg braces. What makes finding pants even harder is the fact I inherited wide hips and large legs from my father’s side of the family and I am very self-conscious of this. So I tried the clothes on and was able to find a few shirts and even a dress that was on clearance. But still did not find any more pants so I walked out of the dressing room defeated wishing I knew how to sew better to make pants that actually work with braces and are NOT skin tight. Another day spent doing the terrible task of shopping without finding a pair of pants. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dinner Dilemma

        Another week is starting with the same question lingering in my mind. What am I going to make dinner tonight? I live with my father after my parent’s divorce and if he was left to make dinner, he would make the same thing every single week. His first choice to make for dinner is a 2 lb. package of meat (usually chicken), brown rice, and whatever vegetables are in the refrigerator. Then he would put this in the cast iron skillet and cover it with a lid and cook it for about an hour. Because I am home, he now counts on me to help making dinner which causes a problem. Neither my father nor I were ever taught to cook and my mother before she left taught me nothing about cooking except not how to cook because what she made was always rock hard and/or burnt. Now that I am left to make dinner I find myself making the same things repeatedly which is frustrating me. My father works extremely hard to support my sisters, friends, and I helping with everything from fixing my shoes to helping to repair vehicles for only a small charge (he has been a mechanic for most of his life but works as a maintenance person). I attempt to make him a good dinner to thank him for all of this hard work and end up making the same thing in a different version. Our meals right now consist of pasta, box meals that I add different vegetables to, canned soup, green bean casserole, sandwiches, salads (with no tomatoes right now), and different versions of potatoes. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions and/or recipes on what else I could make for dinner to thank my father more for all that he does for our family. Some additional information is that I cannot eat any nuts except pistachios, grapefruit, or avocados. I also have to avoid any of the artificial sugars including sorbitol and aspartame.  My father and I don’t have a lot and often will only buy meat (usually chicken) if it is on sale but will be grateful for any recipe and/or dinner suggestions. If anyone has ideas on large meals I would greatly appreciate it my father and I as I have mentioned help others and often help to make dinner for others that are struggling that do not have other friends than us to help.

On a side note, could someone explain what a twice-baked potato is? Someone mentioned this in my college class and I have never heard of such a thing before.

Have a wonderful week everyone! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An adventure with my new snow boots!

On Sunday, my father surprised me with a brand new pair of snow boots! The new pair of snow boots came with a problem though they were not wide enough for my orthopedic braces. My father decided that he wanted to modify the snow boots so that I could put my snow boot on with my brace already in the boot. This caused problems because the bone that sticks out on the side of your ankle kept hitting and rubbing when I was trying to put the snow boot and brace on together which was quite painful. My father came up with the solution of putting the piece of a leg from an old sofa and a bearing cover for a vehicle inside the snow boot to widen them. Then he turned on the propane torch IN THE HOUSE (thank goodness for his many years of prior experience working with one!) and warmed up the sides to help secure and form the wider snow boot. I now have new snow boots that work with my orthopedic braces. Now I will have no more wet feet or cold toes!