Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How I am different than most young women my age.

sols_6 (1)By now, you all are probably trying to figure out how I am different than most young women my age well I am different because I REALLY don’t like shopping especially fitting rooms! This past week after spending over an hour in the doctor office my father than calls me to inform me that I really need to find more clothes for teaching. To which I respond with every reason why I don’t want to go but my father insisted. So I trudged along on the highway until I found my exit and then parked bracing myself for what was ahead. I then marched into the store going straight towards the clearance signs with the determination in my mind to find the cheapest clothes possible for new. So I began looking through things going through the usual problems of clothes not being modest enough or not working for my orthopedic braces. Once I was FINALLY able to find a few pieces that, I thought I might just stand to wear I, head to the most dreadful place in the whole store… the fitting room!

Once I reached the fitting room, I went through the usual routine for safety. First, I checked the mirror to make sure it was not a two-way mirror. After this, I checked the gap under the door to make sure someone could not put a mirror on a stick under the door and finally tried to find the larger fitting room so that I can at least attempt to try on the clothes without banging every joint into a wall. After this, I tried on the clothes facing the same problems before. I only one a few pairs of jeans for a reason because of how hard it is to try on anything when you have leg braces. What makes finding pants even harder is the fact I inherited wide hips and large legs from my father’s side of the family and I am very self-conscious of this. So I tried the clothes on and was able to find a few shirts and even a dress that was on clearance. But still did not find any more pants so I walked out of the dressing room defeated wishing I knew how to sew better to make pants that actually work with braces and are NOT skin tight. Another day spent doing the terrible task of shopping without finding a pair of pants. 

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  1. I hate shopping, too! Your predicament about finding pants that fit comfortably with leg braces is difficult. I'm sorry you didn't find anything. How frustrating! :-(