Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An adventure in only a few blocks


        My father decided this past weekend to start teaching me how to drive the older Ford truck and this was difficult because it was so different from my vehicle I normally drive. Most of the corners I turned I lost the gas pedal and slowly died around corners. Trying to adjust to the height and the wide turning radius was a challenge. My father was teasing me about my poor parking ability when I attempted to parallel parked and first parked in front of a person’s driveway and then parked far away from the curb. My father was teasing me saying, “Are we parking in the middle of the road now?” I told him “No, I don’t think so?” and then tried parking again. My father continued to tease me and told me to park before he fell asleep or he would take a nap and to wake him up when up when I was parked. After running, several errands I gave the keys to my father and had him drive home waiting to try driving the truck more for later. 


  1. Driving can be exhausting! I'm teaching daughter number 2 and I'm tired in the passenger seat - so much to deal with!
    I'm glad your dad is using humor to cut the tension. Keep at it!

  2. It is always difficult when you go from a vehicle you are comfortable in, to something new!